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What's new in RobSoftware Print Screen

Version 1.9.2:

  • Fixed: under certain circumstances the stored printer settings were not used.
  • Fixed: 'topic not found' error in the help file.
  • Minor improvements in the installer.

Version 1.9.1:

  • Transparent windows now supported.
  • Fix problem with dpi scaling in Vista.
  • Improved printer setup dialog, this now works with Vista as well.
  • Installer improvements: Removed some options that nobody wants and that only create problems. The installer works much better with Vista now.
  • Several small improvements and fixes.

Version 1.9.0:

  • Added Unicode support.
  • Full screen ms-dos text mode support.
  • Fixed: margins were not saved.
  • Fixed: error dib.cpp line 194.
  • Fixed: error registry.cpp line 325
  • Added command-line parameter /startsilent
  • Several small improvements and fixes.

Version 1.8.0:

  • Fixed: printing multiple copies when pressing the Print Screen key once.
  • Fixed: when RobSoftware Print Screen is suspended the Print Screen key does not work anymore.
  • The time printed above the screenshot is now more accurate.
  • Added command line parameters: /config, /printwindow, /printdesktop, /exit, /exitsilent
  • Fixed: Windows bug which causes Windows to hang when clicking the cross to close any window belonging to RobSoftware Print Screen on Windows XP without service pack 1.
  • Hold down the Windows key to restore the old functionality of the Print Screen key. On Windows NT/2000/XP holding down the Ctrl or Shift keys will do the same.
  • Fix crash when closing RobSoftware Print Screen when the printer setup window is open.
  • When printing to any printer/fax that shows a dialog and the user presses Cancel no error message is shown.
  • The 'start at Windows startup' option is removed. This is now handled by the setup program.
  • The setup program now disables the suspend state on install.
  • The setup program behaves much better on a multi-user system.
  • The setup program now shuts down RobSoftware Print Screen when (un)installing.
  • The setup program now installs shortcuts to start and stop RobSoftware Print Screen and to open the configuration window.

Version 1.72:

  • Version 1.70 accidently showed some warnings used for testing as errors. Precautions have been taken to prevent this from happening ever again.
  • Removed dependency from shlwapi.dll and comctl32.dll.
  • Fixed memory leak.
  • Multiple documents will not be printed simultaneously anymore. Win9x does not handle concurrent printing very well.
  • The version number and suspend state are shown in the pop up text of the taskbar icon.
  • (Evaluation version:) The nag screen is not shown at random anymore. It is too frustrating to see the nag screen pop up three times in a row.
  • Several small changes.

Version 1.70:

  • Changed default behaviour:
    - printing is done in landscape mode instead of portrait.
    - margins are set to minimal instead of default Windows value of 1 inch.
    - 'Inverse colors if more than 70%' is now enabled by default.
  • The print documents are numbered in the printer queue.
  • Fixed: margins were not converted when switching from metric to US system
  • Fixed: problems when opening/closing About window.
  • Fixed: duplicate printing and other erroneous printing behaviour.
  • Added 'Check for update' feature.
  • Several small changes.

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